TK Lightroom Warm and Bright Mobile Preset #1

Preset 1.jpg
Preset 1.jpg

TK Lightroom Warm and Bright Mobile Preset #1


If you want to edit your photos to have bright backgrounds, warm tones, and muted colors then this preset and the rest of my “warm & bright” mobile presets are for YOU! Once purchased, the presets must be downloaded onto your device(s) within 24 hours, after which the link will expire. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please be sure to check your junk/spam folder.

*These presets are intended to be bought together seeing as they are a collection of one another; the purpose of each preset is to make your editing process as quick and seamless as possible giving your pictures a similar theme and aesthetic throughout.

*This specific preset is great for under-exposed outdoor photos.

Lightroom Mobile Installation + Editing Guide Included

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TK Lightroom Mobile Warm and Bright Preset

Tessa Kirby Lightroom Mobile Warm & Bright Preset #1

If you love that warm and bright instagram feed and wonder how in the heck people can achieve such bright backgrounds, muted colors, and natural warmth well then you’ve come to the right place! For the last year and a half I have been testing out so many different vibes trying to get the right aesthetic for my Instagram feed and blog and then finally! I found something that fit with so many of my photos!

If you’ve never used Lightroom CC before well then…YOU’RE WELCOME! It’s an amazing editing tool that all the professional photographers are using (soooo congrats…you’re playing with the best of them now!). I will say that this Preset #1 is not a “one shoe, fits all” kind of filter, in fact that’s why I’ve made multiple available to you so that you can create a collection of presets within your new Lightroom to have available to you whenever your heart desires. The goal was to provide you with enough options that would give your pictures that consistent aesthetic that you might have been looking for!

*This specific preset is great for under-exposed outdoor photos.

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Once purchased, you should immediately receive an email with the download link for your presets.


  1. Download the (FREE) Lightroom CC app onto your phone (this is the app you will use to edit all your photos).

  2. Once you’ve downloaded Lightroom app, return to the download link that was sent to your email. Click on it!

  3. Once you’ve clicked on the download, it should take you to a new screen…please do NOT click on “open in Lightroom CC” and instead click the “more” text below. This should lead you to pop up on the bottom of your screen, here you’ll click “SAVE IMAGE.”

  4. From there, once all your files have been downloaded and each image is saved you’ll then open up your Lightroom CC app. *It’s important to note that the files saved to your camera roll will appear as if it’s a blank image, when in fact they are a DNG image with all the preset data on them. So don’t freak out.

  5. Now open the Lightroom CC app

  6. Once in the Lightroom CC App, create an album by clicking the + button, and name your folder (i.e. TK Presets).

  7. After you’ve created your album, click on it. Once inside the folder you will click on the picture/add button in the lower right hand side of your screen. Here you will import those DNG images you just saved to your camera roll.

  8. Once you’ve uploaded all the DNG images (or PRESETS) you are ready to begin editing!!!


  1. Go to your newly created folder and click on the preset that you want to use.

  2. Once there, click the 3 small dots (•••) in the upper right hand corner.

  3. Then, click “copy settings”

  4. Then click “OK”

  5. Then press the back arrow back to your preset folder

  6. Then press the back arrow again to the main Lightroom screen

  7. Here, you will click the blue + button on the bottom right hand corner of your screen to upload the picture from your camera roll that you want to edit.

  8. Once you’ve uploaded your desired picture, click the 3 dots (•••) in the upper right hand corner of the screen and click, “paste settings”

  9. VOILA! From here, your preset should be applied and you can adjust your brightness, contrast, or any other setting how you see fit!

  10. Now, just download your picture back onto your camera roll and you’re Instagram ready!