The Thing About Sisters...

Some of you may know that I grew up in a house full of girls...5 in fact (including my mom). To this day people will look at me in pity when I tell them I am one of four girls...they'll say things like "Oh your poor father!" or "That's way to much estrogen for one household!" And I will smile politely back, nodding my head and thinking to myself...Oh, you have no idea.

You see...having all girls under one roof was at times stressful (to say the least), drama filled, overly dramatic, and full of mood swings (thank you PMS). And yes there was times when I would say, "my poor father." But what everyone seems to be missing is the laughter that came after the screaming and yelling, the singing that filled every room...because lets face it...our house was a walking, talking musical at all times, and the dance parties that would shut down any club. But the best part was that everyday I got to have a sleep over with three of my best friends.

I got to grow up with an older sister that was not only our beautiful fashionista but our families greatest fighter, and her name is Hannah. Lets just say that Hannah was a force to be reckoned with. She is fierce but she is love; she is bold but she is gentle; she is confident but she is humble. Her loyalty and determination to protect have paved a way for each one of our relationships. She is someone that I will forever look up to.

I also got to grow up with a comedian. Her name is Erica. Every single night at the dinner table we got a free seat at the best comedy show ever. Whether we heard stories of her days milking cows, changing diapers (for adults) or how she stood in a parking lot with her scrubs down to her ankles without realizing it...we were always laughing. Erica is brave, one of the bravest people I know in fact. She is not afraid of change and she is not afraid to try something new. She is someone I will greatly admire for the rest of my days.

Not only did I get to grow up with a fashionista and a comedian, but I got to grow up with a musician! For 13 years I got to share a room with the music and melodies of my sister Lexi. For as long as I can remember Lexi has been there,  right by my side. Being only 18 months apart we seemed to be attached at the hip since birth. Every night I would go to sleep to the sound of Lexi's voice filling the room, and every morning I would wake to that very same sweet melody. Lexi is sensitive and deep, she is wise and inquisitive. For as long as I can remember she has searched deeply for the Father's heart. She will forever be my best friend in all the world. 

Each one of my sisters is uniquely different and each one speaks a completely different language; We love differently, we think differently, and we communicate differently. But the thing about sisters is that no matter what, you are loved. Through every obstacle or triumph you have your biggest advocates there to support you at any moment.

Growing up being the youngest, I had the privilege of following in the footsteps of three of my biggest role models. Not only have they supported me through some of life's greatest challenges but they have loved me through them. With family, it's not always easy to choose love. When you know someone so well, at times you feel like you know them better than they know themselves, all you want is to see them thrive. Sometimes that's not always the case and in those moments all you want to do is put a STOP sign in front of their face to try and redirect them. And sometimes you can't do anything at all and you have to wait for them to fail before you can step in and help them back up again.

After 24 years I have learned that in order to continue growing, you can't keep pushing past hurts or feelings under the rug. Family can love big but they can also hurt big. "Hurt people hurt people" and it can be incredibly painful to take the time to rehash all the ways in which you have felt misunderstood or forgotten throughout the years. But the thing about family is they are your life blood and that can NEVER change. In order to move forward it's important that you be honest with the people you love, even if it means a yelling match and a few (or more) shed tears. At the end of the day...your sisters are the only people that will laugh about the drama, sing about the good times, and dance the night away. They are the  only ones that get it, they get you and that's more than enough.

                                                                                              (L-R: Lexi, Erica, Hannah, Me)

I love you sisters!