Light Your Soul On Fire & Be A Better Mom For It: Guest Post

This week on the blog I had the chance to have blogger Vivianna Adams join me!

Vivianna Adams is a free spirit, boy mom, life partner & adventurer. She is learning to trust her journey & maintain balance between real life, motherhood & pursuing her passions while hoping to inspire you to do the same! Vivianna brought her blended family together on a small pear orchard nestled between the mountains & lakes in Maine where they create, explore, learn & grow together. She writes about how she juggles everyday life while doing what makes her happy: painting custom reclaimed wood signs, blogging & living well. Follow along or offer professional advice on her blog, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Think about what sets your soul on fire. What motivates & inspires you most? That feeling is like running into a long lost friend. You stumbled upon that newfound flame and/or reconnected & you want to shout about it from the rooftops! That's exactly how I feel about my creative passions; my writing, making, and self-expression.

Think back to the innocence of your childhood. When it was okay to color outside the lines, display a family of stick figures, when you could see a whole world of discovery in one small mountain of clay. You were applauded & encouraged to pursue your imperfectly perfect creations.

Are you ready to light your fire? Want to know the secret?


I've loved to write since I was just a little girl. I had piles of diaries & could tell stories for days but I never thought I could do anything with it. I was taught to go to school, get a good job & work my life away. I didn't think I could make a life out of my passions...

So, that's it?!? Are you kidding me?! That is not how my story ends, sista! So I write, I create art out of wood, I paint, I DIY, I give small pieces of myself to the world...

And, it's scary as hell. I critique & overthink my work constantly. I wonder if I should even sell my pieces or submit my writing to other blogs or publications. I hover over the publish button wondering what people will say tomorrow. I make mistakes & worry a customer may never return for another piece of wood...

 But, I've learned that the same fear that held me back all these years, fuels my fire more than I'd ever anticipated. There is something so liberating about overcoming the "what if." What if I always wanted to try making uplifting & encouraging art out of wood but never tried? What if I always wanted to start a blog but never gave it a go? What if I always wondered about pursuing my own passions while still raising a family but instead always put my own needs last?

 At just 24 years young, I'd have a lot of years to keep wondering what if.... And that's just too many to bear. Bottling up my gifts would be a shame. To myself, to my family & to you. Because even on my worst days, I've found that I always have something to give. It might be a touch of kindness, patience, a hug, a listening ear, an empowering story an inspirational piece of art that you walk by in your home...

Doing what I love, chasing my dreams & overcoming my fears, is a large part of what fills up my cup. The cup that can often be drained by my day job, motherhood, being a partner, the ups & downs of everyday life...

Whether it be jokingly or in 100% seriousness, you've likely heard the saying, "When mama's not happy, no one's happy!" While, it might not be intentional, it's probably true for most of us. Our energy, our happiness, our fulfillment affects everyone in our home. When our energy is at peace, we are better able to help our family be at peace. When we are happy, we pour that unto our family. When we are fulfilled, we can give our best to our family, without running our cup dry...

I'd be lying if I said, taking time to myself or doing things solely for me and no one else wasn't crucial to my family's well-being because it's crucial to my own! It's not something to feel guilty for blocking time off for. It's not something to push aside for years until you "have more time." It's not selfish to sometimes put your needs before others in the home. That balance you find between taking time for "your own stuff" and being present with your family, will reward you beyond measure. You're kids will grow prideful of a mom who is a self proclaimed #BossMom. You're partner will glorify your strengths.

Your peers will be inspired by you. You'll also have moments of doubt & fear but it's ALL crucial. And, the next time you doubt that, take a leap. Try something you've put off for too long. Take that class you've been yearning to take. Set up that etsy store or side hussle you've been dreaming about. Schedule a time to hit up the coffee shop to read, think or write.... Whatever it is, grab ahold of that feeling & never let it go.

I have no doubt you'll want to keep that feeling around. To know your worth & share your gifts with the world. I believe that when we fuel our fire, fill up our cup & pursue our passions, we are the best moms we can be. The best people we can be and the world needs more of us.

"The world needs moms who feel empowered & who empower one another."

Now tell us, what will you take a chance on? What lights your soul on fire? And, better yet, whoempowers you? Share your inspiration with us in a comment below and then go light that flame!

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