Not Your Average Camera Strap

Before I decided to invest in a nice camera, I just so happened to stumble upon these really amazing camera straps while reading one of my favorite bloggers posts (Casey Wiegand). I couldn't help but fall head over heels for this unique and incredibly stylish camera accessory. I'd never seen a product like this and for that, I just HAD to have one!

JAK Designs
JAK Designs

This uniquely made strap combines the comfort of fabric and the beauty of leather. Not to mention its incredibly stylish.

JAK Designs (aka Jennifer And Kerrin) started when Kerrin designed a unique and accessible leather camera bag for Jennifer, after which blossomed a beautiful collaborative vision for creating these got-to-have camera straps.

JAK Designs

JAK Designs not only has an array of beautiful fabrics to choose from, but a wide assortment of other uniquely designed accessories (leather straps, wrist straps, luggage tags, etc). Check out their SHOP to see for yourself!

JAK Designs

These straps are not only incredibly cute but they are extremely comfortable to wear over a long period of time as well (like when hiking in the Smokey Mountains)!

It has been an overwhelming blessing getting to know the founders of this exceptional company. They have such an incredible vision of where they want their company to go and I feel lucky to be apart of just a glimpse of that.

If you are or know of a photographer (or HEY maybe your new to this game like ME) you really need to check out this amazing product, I promise you will not be disappointed! If you decided to SHOP JAK Designs use this promo code "take10" to get a 10% discount (good for ONE week).

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