How To Create a Spring Centerpiece For Under $30!

Phew....this week has been a whirlwind; I am just returning home from visiting my family in Michigan for the week where it snowed nonstop! It felt a little bit strange to have this blog planned for today while I was there with so much snow on the ground (12+ inches to be exact) but as I made my way south today I was reminded that spring really is just around the corner! I was happy to see no snow in my neck of the woods when returning home! Praise the lamb!

I thought it would be fun to do a little series on spring decor and how best to implement those beautiful green touches into your home at a small price! I was first inspired to write this blog when I walked into the Target "dollar spot" the other day (I know all you other moms are nodding in agreement to this statement) and with all the cute tin basins and trays, I could NOT resist! So I thought why not do a quick blog about how to create the perfect spring centerpiece to begin implementing those beautiful pops of green into your home; if we are being honest with ourselves, we all shop at the Target dollar spot so we can all accomplish this look!

How To Create a Spring Centerpiece For Under $30!

If you are anything like me, you are constantly looking for a deal when it comes to home decor and lucky for you AND me the Target Dollar Spot offers you JUST that! It takes minimal time AND effort to browse through that small section and the reward is always well worth it! 

Step 1: How To Create a Spring Centerpiece For Under $30!

So I found this tin basin in the dollar section for $5 and I was like SCORE! This thing is big! I's not huge but it's not small either! It was the perfect foundation for creating the perfect spring centerpiece! Cha-ching! And I mean, come on...holy cute right?

Step 2: How To Create a Spring Centerpiece For Under $30!

Next, I found these incredibly cute and trendy ceramic candle holders/lanterns for $3 and couldn't resist myself. Plus, they came in three different colors...which may or may not be just as insanely adorable (just maybe). I thought this would add a nice layer and texture to my centerpiece soooo....CHA-CHING again!

Step 3: How To Create a Spring Centerpiece For Under $30!

After that, I ventured over to their candle section and found this pair of 6" pillar candles for $5 and thought it would be cute to throw one of those in the mix as well! YEP...I was right! CHA-CHING!

Step 4: How To Create a Spring Centerpiece For Under $30!

After I found THOSE awesome items, I went on another little adventure. If you live in the central Illinois region you may have heard of the amazingly gorgeous Prairie Gardens (it's this home and garden shop that is absolutely TO DIE FOR). Anyways...I went there next to find the perfect greenery for my centerpiece! There I found these gorgeously made faux succulent balls that were the perfect way to add some much needed green fullness to my centerpiece without completely overwhelming the piece all together. Plus they were only $5/ball (normally $8)! Cha-Ching!

Step 5: How To Create a Spring Centerpiece For Under $30!

A while back I traveled to this small town to go antiquing and found this gorgeous bouquet of greenery that is so lifelike and whimsical I just had to buy it! It's already resided in many areas of my home but I thought it was the perfect addition to this centerpiece! Plus, it was only $7. Score!

Step 5: How To Create a Spring Centerpiece For Under $30!

After that, I added a few faux succulents that I had lying around the house. These ones in particular came from a bouquet of faux peonies that I bought from Michael's Craft Store a while back and they were on sale at the time. I love how they add nice pops of green and pink to the mix!

Step 6: How To Create a Spring Centerpiece For Under $30!

And finally, I threw in my trusty antler for good measure :) I seriously love this thing! It gets placed in random places all throughout my house at all different times of the year. That's why I love it so much, it is so versatile yet so natural where ever it resides!

So, there you have it my friends, how to create the perfect spring centerpiece for under $30! It's super simple, easy and affordable and adds the most beautiful touch of green to your home. Put it on your dining room table, kitchen island, side table, where cannot go wrong with a piece like this in your home!

If you have any questions feel free to let me know in the comments section below! Thanks for reading friends!!!

Material Breakdown:

  1. Tin Basin: $5
  2. Candle Holder: $3
  3. Faux succulent balls: $5 (x2)
  4. Faux fig bouquet: $7
  5. Candle Pillar: $2.50

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