How To Build A Bathroom On A Budget

How To Build A Bathroom On A Budget

Let's face it renovations are expensive regardless of what they are but a bathroom renovation can be EXTREMELY expensive. Before we started our bathroom remodel we knew we were looking to spend anywhere between $9K-$12K to completely gut and start from scratch; and to be honest that just wasn't in the budget for us.

After using a good chunk of our money to buy our house, and then another big chunk to completely renovate the kitchen and living room (see transformation here), we knew we needed to be wise with how we were going to spend our money renovating this bathroom. With my husband being a realtor, we are always thinking about the value of our home and how much we are willing to put into it vs how much it's actually going to be worth once we go to sell in couple years. So to achieve this reality, we knew that we were going to have to do the majority of the work ourselves. DIY style. It's what we do best around here!

Now there were a few things we couldn't do on our own and therefore had to hire out, like moving some plumbing and electrical around, but the rest of it was my hubby and his family! They are seriously the best kept secret we have!

Here is how we built our bathroom on a budget!

When working with Lowe's Home Improvement we had a budget of $3,350 to work with, here is a breakdown of all the large items that we bought in order to achieve a completely functioning bathroom.

vanity: $249

toilet $139

How To Build A Bathroom On A Budget

clawfoot tub: $1,458

porcelain floor tile: $1.79/12x12 in

Some of the other materials used but not pictured:

1. White ceramic subway tile
2. Durock brand 0.50in x 36in-cement board backer
3. TEC Skill Set Universal Sanded/unsanded grout
4. Redi Niche Tile Redi Black Shower wall shelf
5. Miracle Sealants Company Tile & stone sealer
6. Keeney vanity insulation kit 1.5in pipe
7. TEC Skill set mortar
8. TEC skill set waterproofing & crack prevention membrane

We were able to purchase all of this within our $3,350 budget and with the help our my husband and his family we only had to spend a total of $1,000 on hired-labor to move electrical and plumbing. Although a lot of work went into making this bathroom remodel possible, we took a ten thousand dollar renovation and turned it into a five thousand dollar renovation. With a lot of help and a lot of planning/searching, Lowes helped us make this bathroom remodel possible.

Check out the complete transformation here!

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xoxo, Tessa

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