Friday Favorites: Blog Round-UP

Not to sound overly profound here...but in life it's incredibly important that we find some sort of community where ever we are. In fact, I believe that it's almost detrimental to our well-being and health. Since joining the blogging community I have felt more loved, more accepted, more appreciated, and more understood than ever before and that has played a huge role in my feelings of self-worth and motivation.

So this week, I thought it would be fun to put together a few of my new favorite bloggers, shops and friends that I have met through social media that have really inspired me, encouraged me, and motivated me to continue to be all that I can be. If you are in need of a little encouragement this week, check out these wonderful woman who, each day, despite their circumstances create beauty in all that they do. Show them some love too while you're at it!

Friday Favorites

Along with Becky, her friend Jennifer of The Willow Farmhouse is equally as inspiring. Together these two women started Gable Lane Crates, a company that packs some of the trendiest farmhouse decor into one box and delivers it straight to your door! How amazing is that? Check them out!

Not only is Jennifer the co-founder of Gable Lane Crates, but she runs her own blog (The Willow Farmhouse) that will inspire you to continue to love your home through simple room changes and facelifts. Go check her out on Instagram as well!

Another #momtofollow is this incredibly down to earth momma, Kelsey of The Homeloving Wife. Not only does this woman make "mommyhood" look easy but she does it with such humility and grace. Raising up 4 beautiful daughters and running a booming new blogging empire.

Kelsey, encourages woman and moms in all stages to "Live Simply. Live Lovely. Live Well." And she is constantly cheering on woman in all walks of their motherhood. If you need encouragement on the daily this girl is one to follow on Instagram.

Becky, is not only a powerhouse momma to her 5 children but owner of The Other Side of Neutral, an inspiring DIY blog that offers practical tips and tricks for beautifying your home with elegance and ease. She is incredibly talented and has the most dreamy Instagram feed. If you EVER need a little home decor inspiration go check out Becky's feed, I promise you won't be let down!

If you want a good laugh or just need to feel like you are not alone in this crazy race to "being the perfect mommy," then you need to visit Abbie over at Grumbling Grace.

I'm telling you this woman, makes me tinkle a little bit each time I read her posts because, well...I've had almost three children and she's freaking hilarious. She takes the phrase, "keepin' it real," to a whole other level. Check her out, whether it be on Instagram or subscribing to her blog, I promise she will NOT disappoint!

Thank you for stopping by everyone! I hope that you are left feeling encouraged and empowered by these 4 beautiful women and that you can go into this weekend feeling inspired to seek out the community around you. There are people all around you in need of community just like you...don't be afraid to put yourself out there and find friends! I promise it will change your life!

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