Decorating For Spring: 5 Secrets On How To Spend Less

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With spring literally right around the corner (can't you just feel it?), I thought it would be fun to put together some of the ways I have begun to add spring decor to my home while also sharing a few decorating secrets along the way that have saved me a tremendous amount of time and money! Not to mention, this has helped me to sweep out the cobwebs of winter (so to speak) and freshen up every inch of my home! I hope you enjoy!

Secret #1: I'm constantly rearranging/recycling my decor.

If you have followed along with my blog long enough, you may have seen the same candle sticks or flower vases used over and over again but just in different locations of my house. I do this often to keep things fresh and alive. Plus, I don't have the means to go out and buy new everything, ALL the time, for EVERY single season.

Changing things up not only satisfies my need for an interior face lift but it saves me a TON of money along the way! Not to mention, it keeps my husband very happy!

Secret #2: Spend your money with versatility in mind.

Whenever I do buy something new for my home I think of all the ways that it can be used in my house throughout the entire year, not just how it can supply my need for that "season." It goes back to my secret #1. But this truly helps me to validate my spending; is this item versatile enough to last me through not only spring but summer, fall, and winter...yes or no? I usually always base my buying off of that.

Secret #3: Spend your money simply.

You don't always need HUGE statement pieces that cost bucko bucks to fill your home. Simplicity speaks volumes when it comes to home decor. I picked up these old ink wells above for $5 a piece at an antique shop and paired them with a little greenery to give them the extra pop they needed. But here's another secret...the greenery itself only cost $2! I simply sectioned it off with my handy-dandy wire cutters to put a small bunch into each of these ink wells. SIMPLE yet beautiful!

I also love shopping for my small trinkets at garage sales! You can get fun and unique things for CENTS at a garage sale!

Secret #4: Pick a color you love and stick with it!

For me, I love to decorate with blues: light blue, turquoise, soft blue, etc. Now I don't decorate with blues by painting my walls blue (although I did do that in my last house but that's another story) but I love to buy blue touches to scatter throughout my home. This not only helps to tie everything together to make it seem more unison and seamless but it also makes decorating easier. By having the same theme throughout a room or even a house makes decorating efficient, easy, and cheap. Like I said in my "secret #1" I am constantly moving the same decor around my home and I'm able to do that because I've kept that same "theme" throughout.

Secret #5: Don't be afraid to "mess" things up.

I can't tell you how many times I have rearranged these shelves (probably 10 times since moving here 6 months ago). One day I'll really like something there, and the next I'll be like "eww! what was I thinking?" Throw things together and don't worry about following any "decorating" rules. Give yourself full reign to be creative but don't limit yourself to sticking to one thing!

PIn me!

Where It's From:

Rope Spools: Michael's Craft Store

3 glass vases with wire basket: TJ Maxx

Greenery: Michael's Craft Store

Fill-able Table Lamp: Home Goods

"&" Sign: TJ Maxx

Old Books: Antiques & More

Clock: garage sale :)

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